Does Phone Insurance Cover Cracked Screens?

Mobile modern touch screen smart phone with broken screen on wooden background. - Imagen

The Cracked Screen Epidemic

Although we value our phone screens very much, the number of smartphone screens that fall and crack everyday is quite astonishing. Despite the wide purchase of phone cases, the number of screens getting cracked keeps increasing everyday. How many phones do you think get smashed every hour ( in the US )?

You might be thinking, maybe a couple of hundred. Let’s see— Every year customers spend about $3.3 billion replacing broken screens. This is about $1.7 million an hour spent on screen replacement or fixing.

You might now be thinking ‘ok, maybe a thousand’. But the above illustration talks only about the phones that are fixed. Studies show that about 65 percent of people avoid fixing their broken screens and about 38 percent of them don’t get their phones fixed at all. We all know people who are like that, who aren’t fazed by the spiderweb pattern on their screens. As long as the phone is functional, fixing that screen is the least of their priorities, at least until the next payday.

At last, the average number of screens cracked every hour in the US is 5,761, that’s about two phones every second and 50 million cracked and smashed screens every year… Catastrophic. Studies also show that 60% of phone buyers damage their phones each year these damages include cracks, scratches and damaged batteries. These studies show that the most common  ways of damaging our phones are:

Dropping them on the ground

  • Having them fall from our pockets
  • Dropping them in water
  • Knocking them of tables and counters
  • Dropping them in toilets
  • Falling out of bags

If you compare this to the number of car accidents that occur every hour, which is about 600, you’ll see that 5,761 is a pretty big number.

The reason behind all of this phone carnage, is the fact that phone owners leave their phones unprotected and vulnerable by not placing them in cases. This is all because cases hide the beauty of phones especially the new ones which have been artistically designed.

The good thing is that insurance and coverages can save the day. Insurance is always a game of deciding if an outsized risk deserves a small payment to offset that. And there are several attractive insurance deals everywhere. Companies like Allstate and Verizon compete to offer deals that go beyond limited warranty.

With most of the individuals choosing to go for expensive phones, if the phone sustained any kind of damage, they will be heartbroken. When people purchase phone insurance, they can be sure that even if something happens, they will not have to bear the brunt of the impairment totally on themselves. There are numerous advantages of mobile telephone insurance which will not be available with warranty.

So you see, a good phone insurance policy can help you with your screen problem, you don’t know when your screen could get damaged, it can happen right now. To avoid finding out if you’re among the 60 percent that move around with cracked screens, an insurance may be a good bet for you especially if you don’t want to get a phone case

Even if you do become one of 5,761 an hour, you won’t be there for long.


Phone Insurance

Mobile phone insurance is something which is provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase of your mobile device. This mobile phone insurance claims to protect your mobile phone from any kind of dams which are covered by warranty.

Likewise smartphone protection plans or smartphone extended warranty is also the insurance or warranty which protects your mobile phone from damages for longer periods of time. It is basically a prolonged warranty which is purchased after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Mostly the mobile phone insurance and also the extended warranty provides coverage to damages like screen breakage. It is the most basic kind of damage which can happen to your smartphone.

The basic damages which will be covered under the insurance are:

  • Liquid damage
  • Screen malfunction or break
  • Battery failure
  • Home button problem
  • Power button problem
  • Camera failure

Individuals with cell phone warranty will frequently have complaints about the cell phone warranty as it did not come to their saving in times when they needed assistance with their cellular phones. To avert such a situation it is really important that individuals buy phone insurance. Individuals who were not able to get any aid from the cell phone warranty will for certain get a lot of benefits from phone insurance. Theft and accidental impairment are a few of the things against which people will not be able to claim benefits with the mobile phone warranty. But when individuals purchase cellular telephone insurance, they can be certain that even such things are taken care of.


Reasons To Buy Phone Insurance


Replacing a Cell Phone Is Expensive

Signing a contract with your cell phone carrier helps bring your cost of a new smartphone from around $600 down to about $100. Unfortunately, nearly one-third of smartphone owners have damaged or lost their phones. Even worse, most smartphones were destroyed or damaged within the first ten weeks of ownership. This means whether your phone falls in the toilet or you drop it on the pavement and crack the screen, you’re on the hook for buying a new phone out of pocket.

The phone insurance policy will take on coverage of replacement costs. If the phone is broken beyond remedy, the cellular telephone insurance company will substitute the phone free of charge. The phone insurance will have worldwide coverage and people in any part of the world are eligible for getting the advantages. If anything does happen to the cell phone, the entire procedure of demanding the benefits is rather straightforward and easy.


 Phone Insurance Covers Situations That Warranties Don’t

Warranties are meant to cover problems related to software malfunctions and mechanical failures, they however don’t cover cases of user damage, theft or loss. And along with phone damage, phone theft is also on the rise. Both of these cases are products of our carelessness, and how we use our phones. Lots of people walk on the streets staring at their phones, oblivious to their surroundings, completely unaware that they are carrying about $400 in their hands.  In fact, there were around 1.2 million smartphones stolen in the United States in 2013.

Individuals will be able to get coverage against many of the natural catastrophes like fire, flood and other tragedies. Individuals can not ask for this from the warranty. When individuals buy mobile phone insurance, they will also get insurance coverage against power surges due to lightening.


Cell Phone Insurance Is Affordable

The premium paid on phone insurance is dependent on the type of smartphone you have but the average premium ranges from $6 to $12 a month. Also you’ll have to pay a deductible which will also depend on the type of phone you possess. With insurance, you are assured a brand new phone, if anything happens to your phone, whether the fault comes from you or not.


Filing a Claim Is Simple

When a problem befalls your phone, collecting a claim is very easy. You can either make a call to the insurance company or go online, you then submit the details of your phone, and what happened to it that’s causing you to make a claim. Processing of your claim will only take a few minutes, after this if your claim is approved, then you can expect your new phone to be shipped to you in a matter of days. Some policies even allow you to pick up new phones at stores if their choosing.

You should always check out the claiming process and customer service of the insurance company you want to use. This can be useful to people who need a new phone as quick as possible. For example, Assurant is known to have a quick claim process.


So yes, mobile phone insurance does cover damages like cracked screens.