Motorcycle insurance and how to get the coverage you need

Motorcycle insurance helps to ensure that you and your family are protected against potential accidents that could cause you serious harm or even death if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident and aren’t covered by insurance. While the majority of states have basic laws in place that require all drivers to have car insurance, motorcycle insurance isn’t as regulated, which means you’ll need to do some research before investing in policies that are right for you.

Different states have different rules

Be sure to check if your state requires you to have additional motorcycle-specific coverage, but most don’t. If they do, or if it’s a good idea in general, here are some of the motorcycle-specific coverages that can be added on: Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Collision Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Protection, Underinsured Motorist Protection, Towing and Labor Costs; Trip Interruption; Rental Car Reimbursement; Non-owned Vehicle Protection.

Keep your motorcycle license

If you’re serious about riding, holding a motorcycle license is important. It requires more training than a car license—and in some states, more testing as well. A motorcycle license not only makes things easier on your pocketbook but also gives you credibility among other riders. Motorcycle licensing rules vary from state to state, so make sure yours are up-to-date by checking with your local DMV.

Protect Your Bike From Theft

Keeping your bike safe from theft is a good first step, but that alone won’t necessarily be enough for your motorcycle insurance claim. In many cases, riders will drop their collision or comprehensive coverage if they have adequate liability coverage. It’s not just about protecting yourself from bodily injury: it’s also about protecting your wallet from serious financial loss.

Bikes, Parts and Accessories Count Too

While we’re on it, there are some things that many motorcycle owners don’t think about when shopping for policies. For example, if you want to add a custom paint job or aftermarket exhaust system (we assume you do), make sure that your policy covers these expenses in case of damage or theft. Some of these parts may be covered under your standard plan, but as always, check with your agent before finalizing purchases.

Choosing The Right Insurance Type For You

After purchasing a motorcycle, whether it’s your first or another addition to your collection, there are two types of insurance policies you will want to consider. The first type is a liability policy that covers any damage or injuries that result from an accident in which you’re at fault. The second type is called comprehensive, which covers not only damage but also theft.

Tips on Finding A Great Deal On Insurance

You can buy a motorcycle for thousands of dollars, but if you want to ride it, there’s an important cost that many new bikers forget about: motorcycle insurance. You probably have auto insurance through your car’s manufacturer, and it should apply in most states. In that case, check with your auto insurer; they may provide some level of endorsement. If not, comparison-shop online or work with an independent agent.


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