T-Mobile Jump Insurance What is it & How Does it Work?

T-Mobile Jump Insurance

T-Mobile Jump program


T-Mobile announced in 2013 a new device upgrade program for its no-contract customers. The program allows these customers to get their hands on the latest and greatest phones subsidized prices. The upgrade program called “Jump!” makes it simpler for people to upgrade to new devices and pay a lower cost, rather than supplanting their present devices at full price. To take an interest in the early upgrade program, customers will pay $10 per month; clients can get their first upgrade after being enrolled in the program for a half year. T-Mobile Jump service will then credit the remaining cost of the device. Two years is too long to be locked into a phone, said the T-Mobile CEO John Legere. You should decide when you upgrade not your wireless company Legere went on to say, the Jump program will finally allow people to upgrade their device when the screen cracks or they drop their phone into the lake. If your phone malfunctions or if it’s stolen or if you run over it with the car or even if you just don’t like it anymore you will be covered.

T-Mobile Jump family plan


The competitors AT&T and Verizon are actually lengthening their upgrade cycles to 24 months, that’s not what customers want. What will they do next? It’s extended to 36 months; T-Mobile will also announce the less expensive family plan for no-contract customers. Now a family of four can get a plan for $100 per month with unlimited talk and text messaging, each member of the family on the plan can also get five hundred megabytes worth of wireless data at full speed. The big bonus for families is that they’re not contracts or credit checks that said people will have to put down a deposit instead of the credit check to get the family plan. The deposit is the cost of one month of service which is $100 for four people that while there is no question that T-Mobile had to get the iPhone in order to stay competitive.

The company’s recent success reducing customers churn and attracting new customers and it’s not only due to the iPhone. Apple has been grappling with falling iPhone sales; the iPhone is not everything also other people are leaving other carriers for T-Mobile. The customers fed up with AT&T are leaving the company’s service in droves and heading for T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile Jump program is changing this business and going to redefine the stupid broken and arrogant industry.


T-Mobile Jump insurance


Insurance is important

T-Mobile Jump insurance is a valuable coverage that you are required to purchase in order to purchase services or devices. Program enrollment and replacement authorization shall be at the sole discretion of T-Mobile Jump insurance, the plan administrator; or any other authorized representative of T-Mobile in accordance with the terms of the Insurance Certificate and applicable law.

Customer Satisfaction

T-Mobile Jump insurance strives to satisfy every customer and ask that you allow them the opportunity to resolve any question, concern or complaint you may have by calling them at 1-866-866-6285.


If you have provided or in the future provide your email or other electronic address to T-Mobile, they may communicate T-Mobile Jump insurance program information and legal notices to you through electronic means. If an email is not provided, the information will be mailed to you.

Easy Claim Process


  • Agents are available to help you Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET; Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET


  • Report the claim within 90 days of the date of loss.
•  If your device was lost or stolen, please contact T-Mobile Jump insurance Customer Care & Technical Support available 24/7 at Wireless Postpaid TEX Support available 7 a.m – 9 p.m. local time.

From a T-Mobile phone: 611

From another phone: 1-877-746-0909

Hearing and speech impaired: +1-877-296-1018 (3 a.m. to 10 p.m. PT daily)

While roaming internationally: +1-505-998-3793

Prepaid Support

Activate your account: 1-877-778-2107

Manage your account: 1-877-778-2106

Refill your account: 1-877-720-5195


  • If your device is defective or has been damaged, and you are being provided a replacement device, it must be returned using the prepaid shipping label provided with your replacement device. If you don’t return your device within 30 days of starting the return, you will be charged a non-return fee.


  • Once your claim is approved, you can receive your replacement device as soon as the next day. Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands can’t be sent for 24 hour delivery.

Other Insurance

The included Insurance Certificate may provide a Duplication of Coverage already provided by a consumer’s personal auto insurance policy, homeowner’s insurance policy, renter’s insurance policy, personal liability insurance policy or other source of coverage. This insurance is essential over any other insurance you may have. Unless otherwise licensed, T-Mobile associates are not qualified or authorized to evaluate the adequacy of your existing insurance coverage. Questions regarding this plan should be directed to Asurion Protection Services, LLC.

  1. WHAT T-Mobile Jump INSURE

T-Mobile Jump insures your Covered Property, for Loss as long as it remains eligible for insurance. In the event of a Loss, our obligation under T-Mobile Jump insurance is to repair or replace, at T-Mobile sole option, your Covered Property. This insurance is important over any other insurance you may have.


T-Mobile Jump covers your Covered Property for the following cause(s) of loss.

  1. Physical damage.
  2. Theft or loss by mysterious disappearance or other accidental permanent loss of possession.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Failure.

The following are not covered:

  1. Any property or equipment that isn’t Covered Property.
  2. Contraband or property throughout the course of illicit transportation or trade.
  3. Property in transit to you from an Unauthorized Service Facility manufacturer or seller.
  4. Data, Nonstandard External Media, and Nonstandard Software.
  5. Insured Accessories may be insured when they are a part of a Loss to Covered Property other than Covered Accessories.
  6. Any wireless device whose unique ID number (IMEI or ESN, etc.) has been altered, defaced or removed.

You will be charged the monthly comprehensive protection corresponding to the equipment category of y of your Covered Property associated with your enrolled against accidental damage, hardware services (mechanical breakdown), loss, or theft for between $9 to $15 per month per device.